Why You Should Bet on Yourself with Suneera Madhani

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What the 2% club is and why the mission is so important [2:31]
  • Suneera’s experience as a daughter of immigrants whose entrepreneurship was a necessity, not an option. [6:15]
  • How her first jobs out of college, a snowstorm in Texas and her love for subscription boxes led her to revolutionize payment solutions for small business owners [8:32]
  • The beginnings of Fattmerchant, the value of always putting the customer first and getting scrappy when you are starting out [11:04]
  • The ‘Shark Tank’ moment for Fattmerchant [24:16]
  • The importance of building a team around you and defining core values your employees can rally behind [31:37]
  • Taking the time for self-development, hiring team members who are mentors and the importance of execution [35:15]
  • Her resilience and grit to keep going with the odds stacked against her and hearing “no” over and over [39:33]

Connect with Suneera:

Instagram: instagram.com/suneeramadhani

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