How to Launch a Side Hustle in 10 Days with Balanced Black Girl Les Alfred

Les is the creator of Balanced Black Girl and host of Balanced Black Girl Podcast. She started her career in fitness as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in 2012, and launched her first blog The Balanced Berry in 2014 to share her love of fitness and nutrition with others. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Les spent over five years helping women reach their wellness goals in a balanced, sustainable way. After taking some time off from fitness in 2018, she pivoted to create Balanced Black Girl to introduce her community to Black women experts in health and wellness. Balanced Black Girl provides content and community creating safe spaces for millennial Black women to live their healthiest lives.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Les transitioned from being a successful fitness influencer to creating the Balanced Black Girl, why she is passionate about the new community she created, and the challenges she faced pivoting into a new space   (3:58)
  • Les shares the three things she has done to really move the needle in her business while continuing to work full time in corporate (15:13)
  • When all the hard work pays off: having Michele Obama as a special guest in her book club   (20:10)
  • The importance of self-care to stay calm and grounded, understanding your baseline, and tuning in to what your body needs (26:50)
  • The role your menstrual cycle plays in your energy levels and productivity and how to use it as a strategic asset in your business (28:18)

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