Why It Took Nine Years to Learn From This Mistake

“I wish it hadn’t taken me nine years to have this epiphany. I did not come back new. I came back as me.”

Suneera Madhani, billion dollar CEO of Stax Payments, never went to CEO School. She had to learn everything she knows about scaling to 7 figures and beyond by making costly mistakes and being burned out for years. 

Today, having found the systems that allowed her to find work-life balance, she is committed to coaching female founders by spilling all her secrets because we’ve been left out of the conversation long enough, and nothing bad happens when women make more money. 

In this week’s Wine Down Wednesday, Suneera shares the lessons she learned from her mini sabbatical abroad, and the mistakes she wishes hadn’t taken her nine years to learn. 

Listen in for a vulnerable conversation on the reality of burnout, the importance of taking time away, and the opportunity to recreate your life. 


  • The recap on Suneera’s mini hiatus from life 
  • What it felt like for Suneera at the top after achieving her top goals 
  • Why it’s important to step away and the opportunity to recreate your life
  • The reality of burnout and why stewarding your energy is necessary

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