Suneera Madhani on Starting Stax, Guiding Principles for Hiring, and the Value of Mentors

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • An interview with CEO School host Suneera Madhani on the Leaders and Payments podcast (2:02) 
  • Suneera shares her journey to starting her business Stax (2:29)
  • What life was like for Suneera growing up (3:55)
  • Suneera talks about what childhood her wanted to be when she grew up (6:24)
  • Being involved in extracurricular activities (7:25)
  • What her first post-grad job taught her about corporate America (8:17)
  • Rapid-fire questions: Get to know Suneera better (11:04)
  • Suneera explains why she decided to start Stax (14:03)
  • What are some of Suneera’s guiding principles (18:20)
  • Who inspires Suneera and who are her mentors? (20:57)
  • What characteristics should every women leader possess (22:10)
  • How Suneera continues to grow and develop (24:37)
  • Suneera shares some advice for the next generation of female leaders (35:23)
  • How is society doing in terms of female leaders and where should we be going? (28:03)
  • How much of Suneera’s success is hard work and how much of it is luck? (29:31)


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