Suneera Madhani on How to Apply Systems to Your Daily Life, Using Your Time Efficiently, and Delegating Even When You Don’t Have the Funds

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Suneera integrates her systems into her life on a day-to-day practical basis. She shares what her home life and work-life look like and how you can apply this system to any part of your life (2:10)
  • The key to a successful system is spending time on things that actually move the needle. If you’re dedicating energy to things in your life that doesn’t fulfill you, you need to let them go. (6:11)
  • Do. Delegate. Delete – Suneera’s motto for tackling certain tasks and using her time wisely (8:10)
  • Some people think that delegating is expensive. Suneera shares her tips for addressing this by first asking, what tasks do you actually need to be delegated? (11:31)
  • Suneera challenges the listeners to find five hours that you can delegate and see how it’s more beneficial than expensive for you in creating the work-life balance you want to achieve (15:32)

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