Suneera Madhani and Katie Rosa on Encouragement for the Working Mom, Prioritizing Self Care, and Letting Go of the Expectations of Others

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Katie, who leads the customer activation team at Stax, manages her life as a working mom in a growing company. (4:51)
  • Different ways to show up as your best self and do the best work in the shortest amount of time. (13:10)
  • Suneera shares how after a lot of trials and errors in motherhood she has made a shift that has helped her happy in work and mom life. (14:27)
  • Self care is a priority and it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect, we just need to do what works best for us and stop putting this guilt around. (16:10)
  • Encouragement to define your own success as a mother, spouse, partner, colleague, and then live up to your expectations, not others. (17:37)
  • Each mom is different and it’s important to pick the non-negotiables for yourself, not what other people are doing, and stick to them. (23:37)
  • Not being afraid to ask for what you need to allow you to have better work/life integration . (26:38)

Connect with Katie:

IG: @littleladykatie__


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