Mom Bosses: We’re Being Tasked with The Impossible– Here’s How to Deal with Lizzie Assa

Lizzie Assa, founder of The Workspace for Children, is a parenting strategist and play advocate. Lizzie is a mom of three creative kids, and holds a MsEd from The Banks Street College of Education in NYC. Lizzie is an ebook author and digital course creator. You can find Lizzie on Instagram (@theworkspaceforchildren) where she shares advice on parenting and play with her 90k IG followers. Her website is

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Workplace for Children started in her tiny basement art studio where Lizzie helped parents explore self-directed play for their children  (2:20)
  • Pivoting from her in-person workshops and consulting to sharing her knowledge and expertise online (3:54)
  • How to build community when you are first starting out and how Lizzie plans her content so she is sharing actionable tips for parents to implement right away  (9:05)
  • Lizzie’s tips for surviving this season and the importance of setting boundaries so you can have be more present with your family (14:59)
  • Trusting your gut in business, not following the crowd when it doesn’t feel authentic, and coming back to your why as your influence grows (22:37)

Connect with Lizzie:

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