Melanie Aubert on Breaking the Standard of What Wealthy Women Look Like, Believing in Yourself, and Money Mindset

Melanie Aubert is a corporate dropout turned 7 figure CEO. She shows women how to CARE + COLLECT with marketing, soulful Selling, and leadership skills.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Melanie explains her own upbringing and how it led her down this unconventional path (3:04)
  • Talking about money, revenue progress, and earning is often seen as a taboo subject amongst women. Melanie explains how she wants to break the standard of what a wealthy woman looks like and why it’s important to talk about money (8:25)
  • Despite talking about money and success, which initially made her feel intimidated, Melanie shares her belief on why intentions matter, how paying it forward actually works, and how money – like love-  is vibrational (10:54)
  • How hearing a radio advertisement on her way to work inspired Melanie to quit her job, cash in her 401k, and pursue her dream of starting her own business (14:01)
  • Melanie shares her unconventional approach to marketing and why she believes being authentic and having a conversation matters most (20:59)
  • Repetition is the most important element of marketing, especially in an online space. Melanie explains how you can leverage that in your business (26:29)
  • What is a money mindset and how do we get better at practicing it personally and professionally? (30:46)

Connect with Melanie:

IG: @melaniieaubert



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