Megan Kober on Learning From Failures, Growing a Loyal Following on Instagram, and Scaling a Nutrition Program to 7 Figures

Megan Kober is the founder and CEO of The Metabolism Makeover, a virtual nutrition program that teaches clients how to burn fat by increasing their metabolism, not decreasing their calories.  

  • Megan’s initial disinterest in working as a dietician, trying different career paths, and eventually starting a blog where she could share her approach to nutrition and healthy eating (3:07)
  • The beginning of Megan’s coaching business and how she transitioned from 1:1 to group coaching to help women fix their metabolism (6:06)
  • How her success on Instagram was not overnight and took 6 years of consistency and giving free value to her audience (11:59)
  • Financial struggles Megan faced and how that pushed her to take her business to the next level and ultimately hit 7 figures (14:26)
  • Why Megan believes mindset is integral to success and what she does to ensure she is at her best everyday (20:04)
  • How Megan’s Metabolism Makeover program is different than anything out there in the nutrition and health industry (29:08)

Connect with Megan: https://www.instagram.com/thenutritionaddiction/  https://www.thenutritionaddiction.com/metabolismmakeover/

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