Meet The Man Behind Suneera Madhani

During today’s conversation, I’ve invited Sofia to interview Faizal and I on our wedding anniversary with your most frequently asked questions. We share how we met, how we both got started in business, balancing careers and each other, and how we navigate conflict.  

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Faizal shares how he and Suneera met and what made their first date magical 
  • How he started his first business Burger Bar with Suneera’s brother and what things he learned about failure and what to bring into new business ventures 
  • Suneera explains how she supported herself and Faizal while they tried to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams 
  • How did Suneera and Faizal know they were each other’s “one” and learning to grow up together 
  • Why communication is an integral part not only in business but in any type of partnership 
  • Building up a connection with your partner, dealing with conflict and learning each other’s love language even as you become parents 

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