Kyara Gray on Real Estate as a Cornerstone of Wealth Building, Leveraging Finances, and How to Get Started with Your First Income Property

Kyara Gray is the co-founder with her husband, Khalil Uqdah, of Charm City Buyers, a multi-seven figure real estate development firm specializing in Baltimore properties. They also run the NEXTGen Accelerator program, which has helped hundreds of mentees across the country find, finance and renovate investment properties in six months or less. In this episode, you’ll hear:
  • Kyara shares how her journey to being a multi-seven figure businesswoman started and how to build generational wealth through real estate (4:27)
  • Listen in as Kyara walks us through her very first investment property, why it was important and how you can do the same. (8:12)
  • Kyara explains how you need to get creative to access funds, and reevaluate your relationship with money and determine how best to leverage it.  (13:41)
  • She shares how you can start building a large investment portfolio if you are new to real estate investing. (16:50)
  • Your why is super important behind your desires to earn money and income. (17:21)
  • Kyara explains the role of generational wealth and how you can factor that into your long term property investments. (20:48)
  • Thoughts on the real estate market right now, and where to go if you’re looking to purchase your first rental income property. (24:30)
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