Kiya Tomlin on Defining your Family Legacy, Pivoting Business and Thriving During COVID, and Marriage Advice for the Ambitious Couple

Kiya is an African American designer and entrepreneur who created her company w ith the goal of making comfortable and age-appropriate designs. Inspired by the energy and aspirations of today’s modern woman, the namesake line was designed for women, like herself, with a purpose and passion for life. Each piece is developed through Kiya’s unique experiences and are high performance for the modern women who lives life on the move and to the fullest. With the belief that the future of fashion will be sustainable, her designs are made of bamboo garments in small batches in her Pittsburgh studio. Her overall goal is to be inclusive and transparent with her clothing line and hopes to help and fuel people’s lives inside and out.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Kiya transitioned from a lifelong pursuit to be a surgeon to becoming an internationally successful entrepreneur as a fashion designer. (2:30)
  • Why the Tomlins created their own family crest and are committed to giving their children a legacy to be proud of generationally. (10:42)
  • Different ways entrepreneurs can be a vehicle for the change they want to see in the world by being intentional with their platform and job hires. (13:55)
  • Exactly why Kiya’s company was able to pivot, and eventually thrive, when COVID-19 restrictions began and other fashion businesses have fallen. (20:15)
  • Her best advice for entrepreneurs starting out is there will never be a perfect time, set of circumstances and when you begin just keep moving forward. (26:53)
  • How to stay connected in a marriage when both people are ambitious and successful in demanding careers. (28:42)
  • When they moved to Pittsburgh Kiya went through a difficult time adjusting and learned she was the only one who could make herself happy, and did so. (31:41)

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