Karagan Osmann on Turning a Struggle into a Product, the Importance of Customer Experience, and Growing a Community from Scratch

Karagan Osmann is the CEO & Founder of S’moo (@thesmooco). S’moo is a women’s health brand designed to help women everywhere achieve optimal hormone balance and feel their best selves from the inside out.

Karagan created S’moo after struggling with PCOS since she was 14 years old. After years spent struggling & trying every possible “solution” in the book to feel normal again & she was left feeling hopeless with the options in front of her. After finally finding her perfect solution (nearly 10 years later), she decided she wanted to share it with the world in hopes of helping others who are in the shoes she was once in. From that, the very first product (Ovary Good) of S’moo was born and we’ve never looked back. We’re on a mission to help women everywhere realize that their medical results don’t define them, that there is hope regardless of the situation they are in and that they have a community that they can always rely on no matter what. We have an incredible community of women (

Before S’moo, she was Customer Experience Director with over 8 years’ experience in the service industry. She has worked with Fortune 500 company, Quest Nutrition, as well as high-growth emerging brands such as Magic Spoon, Live Fit. Apparel, Outer Aisle Gourmet, and Square Organics to bring their Customer Experience/Marketing to the next level. She is passionate about customer experience, brand loyalty and strategy.

Karagan is focused on delivering world class service through the voice of the customer and striving for above and beyond service with every interaction, which is something that she has very passionately integrated into her company. At S’moo, we strive to always be impact first, and do everything we can to positively influence the lives’ of our customers before anything else!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Karagan’s business journey began in her teens when she was diagnosed with PCOS and her mom decided to take a holistic approach instead of birth control. (2:04)
  • The first steps Karagan took to transform an idea she had in the bathroom to building a seven figure company. (5:38)
  • Three biggest things that took the formula in her kitchen to a manufacturer to a successful business with incredible brand reps and a beautiful website. (10:39)
  • A few tips that every business can implement to create a more personalized customer experience and build a strong foundation. (12:12)
  • How Karagan set her brand apart in the wellness industry and what helped her gain traction and scale her business. (20:01)
  • Karagan’s advice for new entrepreneurs in business and the reasons she chose to take her time in hiring and scaling. (25:16)
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