Kara Brown on Business Growth During Covid, Being a Visionary, and Owning Your Niche

Only 1.7% of female founders will break $1 million in annual revenue. Kara Brown, CEO of SmithBrown Marketing and CRO of LeadCoverage did just this in less than two years with an all-female team. SmithBrown is a full-service marketing firm specializing in B2B lead conversion, empowering business leaders to scale with proven marketing strategies and measured results through demand generation, strategy, social conversion, and execution. Brown had a robust corporate career before becoming an entrepreneur, including enterprise and a successful startup to IPO.   In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Kara’s corporate experience with the founders of Groupon that gave her a professional perspective into a hyper entrepreneurial ecosystem (5:00)
  • How she took her marketing skills and built a 7 figure business within a year, which gave her the insight to go for more and become part of the 1.7% (8:03)
  • Why more role models need to exist so that women know they are able to achieve the goal of making $1 million revenue. (11:33)
  • Being innovative and utilizing the strengths of your business during a global shift in business (18:30)
  • The importance of community and the mental shift that happens when your business moves past multiple six figures to break through the $1 million dollar goal. (29:50) 

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