Jill Osur on Using Wine as a Solution to Social Justice, Challenging the Status Quo, and Elevating Women by Inspiring Change

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Jill’s passion for social, gender and racial justice and the limitations she saw in the wine industry (3:55)
  • Her journey as a college athlete and non-profit leader to the wine industry (10:33)
  • Using her skills as a connector to give back to the community  (14:51)
  • Jill explains the moment she realized she wanted to challenge the status quo and address social justice issues and facing backlash from customers when she spoke out for Black Lives Matter (17:06)
  • The beauty about the younger generation is that they speak up and against social injustices and the series of belief statements she created when she first started the company (28:40)
  • The three minds principle and how as women we have the ability to tune into all three and leverage them more easily. (34:57)

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