How Understanding Your Brain Will Make you a Better Leader with Laura Gallaher

Dr. Laura Gallaher is an Organizational Psychologist, Speaker, and Leadership Coach. 

She began her career at NASA Kennedy Space Center. After the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon re-entry in 2003, killing everybody aboard, Kennedy Space Center hired Laura and a team of organizational psychologists to change the cultural influences that were deemed to play a role in the tragedy. She worked for 8 years with NASA to positively influence culture, develop leadership capacity, and improve organizational performance at Kennedy Space Center. 

Laura’s company, Gallaher Edge, applies the science of human behavior to organizations so they can get their edge, achieve together, and enjoy the journey. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Laura became an organizational psychologist and working with NASA to transform their culture following the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy  (2:50)
  • Laura shares why fear is a normal experience, why you need to be conscious of your fears to address them, and the one fear we all have (14:09)
  • Understanding defensiveness, how we can overcome it to be better leaders and using the principles of active listening to build strong relationships  (24:48)
  • Why conflict can be a good thing and the importance of inviting a diverse perspective of ideas (29:28)

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