How to Create and Own Your Signature Style with Lauren Messiah

Lauren Messiah is revolutionizing the way people dress through her comprehensive approach to elevating one’s life through style, working from the inside out. With her signature method of combining style with personal development, Lauren bridges personal styling and life coaching to curate a closet and look that supports one’s goals and takes the stress and self-doubt out of looking one’s best. The stylist, educator and digital influencer has coached over 5,000 clients globally through her online courses, leaning on her personal journey of self-discovery through fashion and her years of being one of the most sought-after celebrity stylists.

Lauren recently released her latest book, Style Therapy: 30 Days to Your Signature Style (Abrams, April 2021), as a 30-day active approach to building a personal style and shedding emotional baggage. Through her book, she empowers readers to shop like a stylist, find clothes that support goals and build confidence to tackle any situation with the right look and attitude. Named Google’s #WomenToWatch on YouTube, Lauren has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, VH1, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, Refinery 29 plus many other print and digital media outlets for her style expertise.

Lauren is an experienced facilitator, motivational speaker and social media sensation with a proven track record and over 400k followers. She has conducted workshops and trainings for Bloomingdales, Westfield Mall, Nickelodeon, THE OUTNET, Luxury Garage Sale, Bumble Biz and The Marketing Arm’s Influencer Continuum to name a few.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • An interview with Lauren Messiah, a former celebrity stylist who has now founded two companies and has written three books. She shares how she got into the industry and all the details about her latest book (3:00)
  • Suneera and Lauren talk about what it’s like to be women in a male-dominated business, and having to deal with assumptions of being a woman in the corporate world. (5:44)
  • Showing up for the job you want – how you dress impacts the way people perceive your commitment to a job and even your qualifications. Lauren shares how dressing up and showing up in a presentable manner is so important for your mindset and your success (8:25)
  • Lauren shares how her goal and her business revolves around teaching women to create their signature style. You find your signature style by taking your style from the inside out which makes it unique and tailored to yourself  (15:46)
  • Suneera and Lauren discuss the feeling that the clothing gives you, and how to be mindful of what you buy especially in a culture where we have instant access to everything, and why perception is one of the most important parts of developing your signature style (20:01)
  • Laurens shares her favorite tips for curating your own signature style and how to shop sustainably (24:16)

Connect with Lauren:

IG: @laurenmessiah



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