Corinne Morahan on Using Systems to Organize Your Life and Home, the Sunday Reset, and Top Tips to Start Purging

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Corrine went from working on Wall Street to organizing women’s lives professionally 
  • The vision of Grid & Glam and what steps you can incorporate to “purge” your own life to feel fulfilled 
  • As women, we often carry a mental load that prevents us from completely letting go. Corrine shares ways to lift some of that weight off your shoulders and set your week up for success
  • Despite the immense pressure to perform and achieve, Corinne explains why there’s no one size fits all and it’s about finding a system that works for you 
  •  Why donating might not be the best option and what Corinne recommends instead 
  • In a world where most people preach minimalism, Corinne explains her approach to shopping and how the pandemic has had an impact on our consumer habits, and how as parents we need to set up systems for ourselves to set up better models for our children 
  • Corinne shares her secret to getting her kids to keep their rooms immaculate, including having their beds made each morning 
  • Don’t wait till you’re in the right space or the right place to make the change. Corinne shares 3 things we should all take a look at in our lives

Connect with Corinne:

IG: @gridandglam


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