Berrion Berry on Understanding the Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle, Leveraging Them in Business, and Using Them to Optimize Your Calendar

Berrion Berry is a Menstrual Health Educator, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner & the Founder of The Flo Academy. She helps modern women get to the root cause of their period problems & rebalance hormones naturally. Focused on fusing biology with practicality Berri helps people with periods create a new menstrual reality.

Her work has been featured on top podcasts like the Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, SHE by Jordan Lee Dooley, as well as, in leading publications like Shape Magazine, Thrive Global, & The Every Girl. From hormone balancing to cycle syncing, to mood enhancing and self healing, Berri covers it all and is excited to help you have your best period yet.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Berrion breaks down the menstrual cycle into three specific categories to help understand how to work with your cycle instead of against. (5:55)
  • When the optimal time is to do vision casting, goal setting, and zoom out of the business and look at an overview. (10:05)
  • Berrion explains when your peak performance will take place and the natural energy within your body is at its highest level. (12:00)
  • The optimal time to look for gaps in your business, identify what bridges need to be built to get you from point A to point B and really optimize that. (17:33)
  • She explains how to figure out where you are hormonally for those women that don’t have a normal flow. (21:53)
  • About different types of birth control options available, ones that may cause you to have a cycle versus ones that don’t and options that can sync to your cycle. (24:16)
  • How to set up your work calendar to reflect your cycle so that you can begin using this knowledge in day to day business. (37:17)

Connect with Berrion:

Instagram: @berrionlberry

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