258. Why getting in the room will change the game for you | Inside The CEO School Retreat PART 2

Welcome back to The CEO School Podcast. In this episode, Suneera is diving deep into Day 2 of our CEO School Retreat, offering a glimpse into the transformative insights we experienced that week. 

First, Amanda Bybel, a master in emotional freedom techniques (EFT), led an EFT Tapping Workshop for Abundance, showing us how tapping can reduce stress and cravings in just five minutes.

Next, Victoria Hajjar shared her expertise in Lead Generation for a Predictably Profitable Business, highlighting the importance of understanding lead sources and distinguishing tactical and strategic funnels.

Dr. Laura Gallaher became our Confidence Catalyst, emphasizing self-acceptance, self-accountability, and silencing the inner critic.

Tune in for the complete recap, and prepare to be inspired. 

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