245. How Two Sisters Scaled Vintage Lockers into a Thriving Global Brand with Mustard Made Founders Becca and Jess Stern

Join Suneera on this week’s episode of CEO School as she welcomes Becca and Jess Stern, the visionary founders behind Mustard Made, a renowned global locker manufacturer. Together, they delve into the intricacies of scaling a business, establishing a powerful brand, and fostering a resilient team. Tune in to hear about their remarkable journey, filled with obstacles and opportunities, as they grow a multinational enterprise with offices across various countries. Gain valuable insights on successfully implementing groundbreaking ideas and constructing a thriving company in a highly competitive market.


In this captivating episode, you’ll discover:

Overcoming significant setbacks and failures and emerging stronger than ever.

The importance of investing in marketing right from the outset.

The unique challenges women face when it comes to validating their abilities.

Directing your focus towards the distinctive aspects that set your company apart.

Strategies for developing effective execution and achieving desired outcomes.


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