Shydeia Caldwell and Brittany Josephina on Bringing a Big Vision to Life, Crowdsourcing Funding, and Leveraging Niche Communities to Grow

Shydeia Caldwell is a spirit-led guide, master of ceremony, diviner and wellness educator helping Black women uncover and embrace their narratives through ancestral healing traditions and well-being practices. Using technology, Shydeia helps Black women uncover and deepen their individual power with remothering, sisterhood and ancestral healing at its core. Her work is a response to her intertwined self-care journey and the current wellness-state of the western world we journey within daily.

With that, she aims to serve all Black people who are embracing their meaning of healing within wellness, by challenging and dismantling the defined health system for Black people through the reclamation of ancestral traditions, history and practices. Her deliberate exploratory process nurtures Black women in anchoring into the roots of their heritage and personal power. By uniting traditional healing modalities, she co-creates a blueprint for your own self-initiation. Together, you access what it means to embody and sustain your fullest potential.

Brittany Josephina is a wellness practitioner and botanical designer harmonizing with the natural world to explore sensuality, connection and surrealism. Tending to plants from seed to bloom, she portrays the movements, peculiarity, and life cycles of human/nature through visual design, herbal medicine making and ceremony. 

A descendent of Irish, African, Caribbean and African American herbalists, farmers, rootworkers and healer, her work is a reclamation of her ancestral DNA. Leading a life that centers connection to the natural world, her 5-senses, leisure and time is a form of decolonizing and liberation.

Shydeia and Brittany are founders of Black Girl Magik, a digital membership platform designed for Black women to flourish through sisterhood and well-being. Members will join a community of Black women reclaiming their interest in wellness, sisterhood, mental health, self-discovery and Black healing traditions. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Black Girl Magic originated and Shydeia’s mission to create a place of belonging for other women where they could be a part of a community and share their story (2:51)
  • Brittany shares how she met Shydeia and became a part of Black Girl Magic and the first meet up (6:24)
  • From the first meet up to holding events all over the US and how that helped solidify the vision for an ongoing community (10:22)
  • How they made the decision to use crowdfunding to support building out the infrastructure of the Black Girl Magik membership (13:24)
  • Advice Shydeia would give herself a few years ago when Black Girl Magik was still just an idea (27:17)
  • The steps they took to build a network for their campaign and how they leveraged niche communities to walk alongside them as allies for their mission (33:26)

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