Shannan Monson and Suneera Madhani on Lessons Learned from the Pandemic, How Pivots Can Lead to More Opportunities, and Looking Ahead to the Future

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Shannan and Suneera share the lessons they have learned the last year as their business and personal lives pivoted during the pandemic. (1:05)
  • The first lesson Suneera learned last year is letting it go, simply letting all the expectations and pressures go. (4:28)
  • Suneera shares how the pandemic helped her to stop and smell the roses and how the time at home positively changed views on professionalism. (10:31)
  • Shannan’s first lesson from the pandemic is to stay true to the vision but flexible on the details. (14:05)
  • The impact and power of online communities when the world was shut down and how it’s such an important connected point for women in your digital space. (18:20)
  • Shannan’s biggest takeaway- there is literally never a perfect time to do anything, like start a business with a new partnership in the middle of a global pandemic. (24:06)


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