Elaine Morrison, Founder, Elaine Wellness

Title: Founder, Elaine Wellness


I've worked in the wellness industry as a certified pilates instructor for the past 14 years. Seven years ago I developed Hashimoto’s and guttate psoriasis which took me on a health journey of finding the answers to put my autoimmune illnesses into remission. Radically changing my diet reversed my symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and dry skin. Supplementing with collagen gave me a whole new head of hair and glowing skin. Coming out on the other side of this gave me an unshakable belief in the profound interconnectedness of health and beauty. In 2015 I launched a collagen water having no previous experience in the beverage industry. In 2019 I relaunched with powdered collagen under the new name, Elaine Wellness.

What I want to get from The Club is...

A network of women who are interested in community and collaboration.  We're better together.  I want to learn how to grow a profitable business.

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