Allison Weiss


👋🏻 WHO I AM 👋🏻
I’m a social media expert and brand storyteller with a passion for creating strategy and content that goes from a shell of an idea to an omnichannel campaign.

I’m an analytical problem solver who is eager to improve processes, strategies, and systems with innovative ideas. As a lifelong learner with a hunger for knowledge, I am constantly striving to learn new things, solve a problem, or develop a new idea.

Among the projects that I have contributed and collaborated on, below are some achievements I am proud to share:

✔️ I’ve had the honor to work in health care during the coronavirus pandemic. While not on the front lines, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to create AdventHealth’s coronavirus social media strategy and social media content execution. We serve the American public and health care workers by creating and promoting scientifically based and medically accurate content across all platforms and marketing channels.

✔️ I was a member of the core marketing team that worked on the rebrand of AdventHealth. We unified dozens of brands across the country under a singular AdventHealth umbrella. Through this effort, I led the social media rebrand initiative to retire and rebrand 1000 accounts to 120 strategic social channels.

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