Aeronica Singh, Learner/ Business Analyst/ Artist/ fitness enthusiast

Title: Learner/ Business Analyst/ Artist/ fitness enthusiast


I am a 28 years old female, born and bought-up in a middle class Punjabi Indian family. I came to USA 3 years ago as a student and started working as a Business analyst after completing my MBA in info system. I love to dance. I paint abstracts designs,  mandala designs and also do pour paintings as my hobby.
I practice yoga and lift weights.
I am a learner and I want to achieve all that I can.

What I want to get from The Club is...

I have been a working professional from quite sometime. And I don’t vision myself working under someone all the time. I have never been opinionated until this pandemic happens and everything shut down. It gave me time to reflect and analyze my long term goal. I want to get a direction/ mentorship from this club that can help me analyze my goal and help me pave a path to reach my goal.

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