Shannan Monson on Making Decisions From Faith Versus Fear, Tuning Into Your Highest Self, and Letting Go of Your Comfort Zone

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Three questions you can use to guide you when making big decisions in your business or personal life (1:00)
  • Other people’s opinions do play a role in the decisions that we make so be sure to ask yourself “Am I making this decision for me, or because I’m afraid of what people will say about me?” (2:50)
  • Another question to ask is “Am I motivated by the best case scenario? Or am I motivated by the worst case scenario?” to understand if you are focused on abundance or scarcity. (4:07)
  • The most powerful question to ask as you make a life changing decision is “If you were to start over today, what would you choose?” (4:07)
  • We all have an opportunity every single day to wake up and  choose our current life. (8:55)

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