How to Master Your Mindset for Viral Success with Ivirlei Brookes

Ivirlei is an actress and mindset mentor for creatives. Her company, Mavenelle, focuses on helping female creatives and entrepreneurs create a lifestyle around self-mastery and wellness. She’s currently writing her first non-fiction book about shaping your own identity and removing limiting beliefs and developing several personal development workshops for entrepreneurs.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Ivirlei and Shannan connected, and the comment that brought everything into a new perspective for Shannan [1:52]
  • The IG live Ivirlei almost didn’t post that went viral and changed everything for her [7:27]
  • Why you need to plan and prepare for the success you want [12:35]
  • Ivirlei shares her number one piece of mindset advice and the importance of never losing your belief in yourself [20:17]
  • How Ivirlei handles her limiting beliefs and negative inner voice so that it doesn’t hold her back [28:26]
  • Owning your ability to rewrite your story and believing in the good in other people [32:35]
  • How healing the relationship with herself and others has been an integral part of her success [36:35]

Check out Ivirlei’s viral video here: https://mavenelle.com/white-women-who-want-to-help-heres-how/

Learn more about Ivirlei’s workshop, Intentional Activism: https://mavenellelabs.kartra.com/page/FO596

Connect with Iverlei: 

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivirlei/

website: https://mavenelle.com/

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