Dr. Nicole Thaxton on Identifying High Achieving Anxiety, Building Self Awareness, and Finding Peace in the Midst of the Hustle

Dr. Nicole Thaxton is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker and educator, and the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Atlanta Wellness Collective, a private counseling and wellness practice located near Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about findings in the fields of psychology, developmental and generational trauma, exercise and nutrition, and high performance. She uses that knowledge to help people find freedom from anxiety, overachievement, generational patterns, and people pleasing so they can grow in self-awareness and enjoy a fulfilled life.

Dr. Nicole says she was born a high-achiever, writing “Let No One Outwork You Today” on her bedroom wall, when she was 8. Dr. Nicole went on to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, masters degree from Richmont Graduate University, and PhD from Mercer University in Atlanta. She completed 10 years of college and graduate education debt-free, in true overachiever fashion. Her purpose is to help other high-achievers recognize their generational patterns, anxieties, and core values and help them reach their full potential. Her personal mission statement is to live life grounded and worthy.

Dr. Nicole lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband RJ and her amazing teenage stepdaughter.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Shannan and Dr. Nicole discuss what it’s like to be ambitious women, what made us this way, and how to find peace and rest in the midst of the hustle. (1:24)
  • What generational patterns are and examples so you can see what these might look like in your own life. (3:27) 
  • How to shift from connecting your worth to the letters after your name or achievements and find peace in just being. (10:33)
  • Several ways to build self awareness and understand where you’re showing up in life and how you’re spending your time. (14:54)
  • Dr. Nicole explains high achieving anxiety, how it can present differently from other types of anxiety and how to identify it. (16:53)


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